We have developed a program that teaches you how to deal with the most probable events that will occur in a real life situation.

We will give you simple and easy techniques that anyone can use to defend themselves.

It is a great way

  • To drop extra weight / pounds
  • Learn to defend yourself
  • Develop personal & physical disciple

The camp provides training to people in

  • Self defense
  • Self confidence
  • Leadership
  • Non expression
  • Self control
  • Self esteem

For children

  • Good health
  • Concentration in studies
  • Self confidence
  • Discipline
  • Respect to elders

For adults

  • Breathing exercise
  • Mental strength
  • Physical strength
  • Self confidence
  • Self-control
  • Good behaviour
  • Keen observance
  • Good health

There is no other program like this available.

Self defense camp gives children the skills necessary to property protect themselves & avoid any unsafe situations.

Coaches will teach your child punches, kicks, tumbling and self defense techniques. All skills taught are safe and applicable for children of all ages.

Participants will learn non physical aspects of self defense as well as discipline communication skills.